Safe Halls School Community

Written by: Safe Halls Staff

Most public schools have a School Safety Committee. New York City public school campuses must have a Safety Committee and a Safety Plan.  The school Safety Plan is confidential and it should be.  Although, according to the NYCDOE Safety Plan (page 1. section F),  each principal must direct the Committee to hold at least one annual meeting involving parents.  The purpose is to allow parents and the school staff to discuss concerns regarding all matters of school safety. Allowing parents to be involved is one necessary step to a proactive approach to school safety.  Parents entering their child's school have a view of the school much different than staff members within the building.  They may notice situations or simply have knowledge to share.   A Safety Plan has many components some shared and some that should not be shared with the public. One component of the Safety Plan is community involvement and we should encourage our schools to adhere to holding the annual Community Safety Committee Meeting.  It's the small gestures and minor details that make a better situation for everyone.  We ask the following questions to make us aware of these details.


  • Does your child's school hold an annual Safety Committee meeting with parent participation?
  • Have you ever participated in the annual Safety Committee meeting?