100 Middle School Students Were Surveyed

Students Exposed to Bullying in the Classroom

Safe Halls Project is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  Founded by parents who believed in exploring alternatives to school safety in New York City and surrounding areas.  We partner with schools in the community to help create a safer environment.

Academic performance is related to emotional and physical safety.   School safety is a nonstop practice with many parts and if not enhanced, developed and applied, school communities fall behind. 


The school in your community can show its "positive body language" to influence safety and pride with a "School Life" photo gallery. Images that represent school days, with exhibits of acts of kindness, learning and just being scholarly. 

We are promoting school safety by partnering with The Arts @ Henson-Parks, Inc. and its "Pupil Project." at Springfield Gardens Intermediate School 59Q and P.S. 36Q—St. Albans School. 

 St. Albans School





Promote safety in your school community.

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That school communities thrive, in a warm and safe learning environment.